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GDPR Data Collectors and Processors

1) Big Commerce- Website provider and ecommerce platform for Rock and Rose Boutique

Cookies: bigcommerce.anaytics

Privacy Policy link:


2) Just Host- Email hosting and domain hosting provider

 Privacy Policy:


3) Mozilla Thunderbird- Email service provider

Privacy Policy:


4) Paypal, Paypal Here and Stripe- Payment Gateways

Privacy Policies: and


5) ISP- Virgin Media

Privacy Policy:


6) Dropshipping Companies- As many of our dropshipping suppliers are outside of the EU, we will now comply with the new data regulations by no longer offering direct dropshipping. This means that all data collected by us (the comapny) will no longer be shared with our suppliers and the goods will be shipped directly to our offices and the forwarded on. This allows us to protect your data.

Any UK suppliers will inform us of their GDPR compliancy and we will update this list of regulated suppliers as and when necessary.


7) Facebook-

We do not use your information on Facebook but their policy is laid out if you wish to check.


8) Ebay- Another selling platform used by our company.



9) Etsy- Another selling platform used by our company.



10) Royal Mail- Our main delivery system.



11) Hermes- Alternative delivery system