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Leather Love Baby Shoes

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Retro LOVE Leather Baby Shoes

Unisex white baby crib or pram shoes with a multicoloured LOVE design stiched on to the front

Elasticated back with red

Soft soled and great for crawlers and new walkers

A fab new baby or baby shower gift that's unique but cool

Check out our helpful baby shoes blog for more info!
-Easy to wipe clean or handwash in cool water
-Allow to dry naturally so that they retain their natural shape and size
-Please do not put into a washing machine or dryer-the result isn't pretty!
Available in lots of unique designs and in three different sizes,
Here are the measurements so there are no surprises :)
0-6m Length: 11.5cm Width: 6cm
6-12m Length: 12.75cm Width: 7cm
12-18m Length 14.25cm Width: 7.5cm
Shoes will also be sent in a cute gold or blue or pink organza bag :)